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    Ultra-Host - Announcements
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    3 days ago, 18:54:29
    Minecraft server changes | Administrator
    Dear Users,

    We have decided to change the limits of Minecraft free servers due to 1.18 requiring more resources. Servers now come with 1GB ram instead of 512MB. Additionally, 1.18 is now available to be installed in the control panel.

    All currently owned free Minecraft servers require a restart in order to apply updated resources.

    Best regards,


    November 25, 2021 18:19:29
    Black Friday sale! | System
    Dear Users,

    During Black Friday you can use the following discount codes:

    BlackFriday - 25% discount

    BlackFriday_SAMP - $2.99 for 50 slots SA:MP server
    BlackFriday_SAMP_100 - $5.99 for 100 slots SA:MP server

    BlackFriday_MTA - $2.99 for 50 slots MTA:SA server
    BlackFriday_MTA_100 - $5.99 for 100 slots MTA:SA server

    BlackFriday_MC - $2.99 for 2GB Minecraft server
    BlackFriday_MC4GB - $7.49 for 4GB Minecraft server

    BlackFriday_TERRARIA - $2.49 for 8 slots Terraria server

    Special discount codes are for new servers only.
    All discount codes are permanent for new servers.

    All discount codes will expire on 1st December.

    Best regards,


    November 18, 2021 0:02:03
    Short Maintenance | Administrator
    Dear Users,

    On November 19th, 2021 we will perform a network update on Canada nodes. Downtime should last about an hour.

    Maintenance is now finished. As usual, it's required to re-make your FTP account as they are lost in the process. Please check for the updated FTP hostname as it was changed with the network update.

    This only affects MTA:SA services.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Best regards,


    October 30, 2021 21:02:42
    Halloween discount codes | System
    Dear Users,

    During Halloween you can use following discount code:

    Halloween - 25% discount

    Discount code is permanent for new servers and is valid across all game servers.
    Discount code will expire on November 6th, 2021.

    Best regards,


    October 13, 2021 11:31:35
    Network issue | Administrator
    Dear Users,

    Our main service provider is currently experiencing a network issue. There may be some downtime until issue is fully resolved. This affects all services.

    Thank you for understanding and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Best regards,


    September 23, 2021 17:30:34
    FTP & MySQL changes | System
    Dear Users,

    We are introducing merged FTP and external MySQL logins with the same domain name. For that reason, you will no longer be able to log in using previous FTP and external MySQL hostname. You may obtain new details in the control panel.

    If there are any questions, doubts or issues please let us know by creating a support ticket.

    Best regards,


    July 26, 2021 20:18:02
    MTA:SA migration #2 & GTA Connected | Administrator
    Dear Users,

    MTA:SA migration

    Canada network issues should be now mostly resolved. It has been decided that we will not migrate existing servers to another node. All server IPs will remain the same without changes. New MTA:SA orders will be assigned to a new stable node. If you still wish to move your server you may contact us for a server transfer. You can do that by creating a support ticket here. If there are still any issues let us know.

    We have extended all Canada servers for additional 7 days as compensation.
    This only affects SA:MP and MTA:SA servers on Canada nodes.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

    GTA connected

    We are happy to announce that you are now able to order GTA connected servers in Canada. We are able to transfer France servers per request. You can request it via support ticket.

    Best regards,


    July 25, 2021 15:43:16
    Canada network issues & MTA:SA migration | Administrator
    Dear Users,

    Canada network issues

    There was a network issue on Canada nodes, which lasted about an hour yesterday. The issue should be now fixed except on node 18 (Canada #3). We don't have an estimated time when it will be working again. In the meantime, you may request us to move your server to another node if you do not wish to wait. You can do so by creating a support ticket here.

    This only affects SA:MP and MTA:SA servers on Canada #3.

    MTA:SA migration

    In the following week MTA:SA servers on Canada nodes will be migrated to a new stable location. You will have to migrate to a new node once server is added. More information to follow once servers are being added to the accounts.

    This only affects MTA:SA servers bought prior to July 25 on all Canada nodes.

    Best regards,


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