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    Welcome to Ultra-Host!
    We offer cheap Minecraft, Terraria, Multi Theft Auto (MTA:SA), SA:MP servers and more!
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    Hosting statistics

    Services Provided
    Satisfied Customers
    Low Latency

    We provide several locations to ensure the lowest latency for you and your players on the server.

    Custom Control Panel

    We provide a custom control panel with a lot of features to manage your server fast and easy!

    Fully Protected Servers

    You will never have to worry about any kind of (D)DoS attacks! Our services are equipped with full protection against such attacks.

    No Downtime

    Our powerful hardware will stay online at all times. You will never have to worry about your server going offline ever again!

    Payment Methods

    We are consistently trying to accept as many methods as possible. You can buy a service using PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer, paysafecard, mobile and many more!


    Do you need help with your service, having a problem or do you have a question? We offer full support for our services and we are always available for any question.

    FTP Access

    All our services come with a full FTP access to make managing your plugins and files easier! You may access it with your favorite FTP client or with a provided file manager.

    MySQL Database

    Have a plugin or mod that requires MySQL database? All of our services come with a MySQL database. You can create databases with a click of a button!

    Automatic backups

    You do not have to worry about losing any of your files. We provide automatic backups with our services. You can toggle feature in our control panel and download backups in zip format.

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