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    Everystuff Resurrection (Read 34 times)
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    Posted: September 26, 2020 2:36:25
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    Everystuff Resurrection
    Hello there! I want to tell you guys about a unique and fun server that I have been hosting for quite awhile now, it is called Everystuff Resurrection and it is basically a freeroam script brought back from when the official Everystuff server was around some years ago, originally created by kaisersouse. A friend who was staff of that server and is a dev had redone much of the coding along with a few extra new features!

    Everystuff Resurrection is a unique freeroam, stunting and deathmatch server, providing freedom to give you any car, weapon, access to many teleport locations, access to all base game and secret interiors, wearable objects, and many other cool features! The user account system is ran on mysql and all account settings and changes are saved, so it is easy to hop back on and get back everything you had from before!

    There are a few customization options that are saved and you are free to change at any point!

    •Plate names
    •Player color
    •Player skins
    •Weapon sets
    •Saved objects
    •Spawn locations
    •Kill amount

    A newer feature that was added were random typing contests, typing the letters exactly how they are displayed and players can win free money and score! There are also many map areas giving some fun and unique stunt opportunities for you to try to master. You can do anything you want in this freeroam server! Everyone is welcome to come and have an enjoyable time, hope to see you there!

    Hostname: Everystuff Resurrection
    Mode: Freeroam DM Stunt Any-Car
    Language: English

    Owner of Everstuff Resurrection
    Ultra-Host - 7 Years

    Feel free to donate to me if you'd like, im always happy to accept donations! Click here!


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