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    Ultra-Host - Frequently Asked Questions
    Dear Guest! You are not registered or logged in! Click here to register or click here to login.

    How do I request a free SA:MP server? Register an account and then go to the request page.
    How long do I need to wait to get my server? You don't need to wait. After you request a server, you will get your login details instantly.
    How long does server last? Server lasts as long as you don't break our server rules or Terms Of Service..
    How do I upload my server files? You can use our online FTP, our File Manager or any FTP client (for example, FileZilla) to connect to the FTP server using your details from control panel.
    Then you will be able to upload your gamemode and server files.
    What types of gamemode can I run? You can run any gamemode, except Roleplay gamemode and any other that uses much CPU and/or RAM.
    Donators can run any type of gamemode.
    I removed all server files by mistake, what should I do? You just need to reinstall your server by clicking on "Reinstall" button from control panel.
    How can I upgrade my server slots? First, you need to add funds into your account and then you will be able to buy more slots by clicking on "Upgrade" button that appears next to your server.
    Can I request more than one free server? No, you are not allowed to request more than one free server.
    What should I do if I lost my password? Contact us and we will help you.
    My server is crashing when I register/login and/or accounts are not saving, what should I do? Check your server logs for any errors/warnings and make sure you have uploaded all needed files.
    My server mode is Unknown, what should I do? Make sure you have all plugins and files needed and make sure you are using .so plugins (linux plugins).
    My plugins are not working, what should I do? You need to use linux plugins (.so plugins). You can get basic linux plugins from panel by clicking on "Plugins" button and you can also upload any other linux plugin into your plugins folder. Remember to add .so after every plugin name in the server.cfg file.
    How could I change my server version to newer or older SA:MP version? You just need to click on "Server Version Changer" button and choose the SA:MP server version you want.
    Can I get a MySQL database? Yes, we provide a free MySQL database with the server too. Just click on "MySQL" button and click on "Create MySQL Database".
    What payment methods are available? We currently support Paypal, Skrill (moneybookers), Credit/Debit card, paysafecard, mobile, bank transfer and many more.
    My question is still not answered, what should I do? Contact us and we will try to solve your problem.


    - Online servers: 1,644
    - Registered users: 101,070
    - Uptime: 6 years, 3 months and 21 days.

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