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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Dear Guest! You are not registered or logged in! Click here to register or click here to login.

    Account related questions
    You have to verify your account via email in order to request and manage free service. Check your email for a registration verification link. Click here to resend a verification email.
    NOTE: You can still buy any service without verifying your email; however, account settings (including email address and removal of the account) can be changed without any verification.
    Invalid email address: This error appears when you have registered with an invalid email address. Temporary emails aren't valid and cannot be used to request a free server. You can fix this by changing your email to a valid one.

    Multiple accounts: This error appears when you have logged in an account that doesn't belong to you or someone logged in to your account. Account sharing is against the rules while owning a free SA:MP server. Sub-user access should be used in this case, which can be found in the control panel. Account lock is either permanent or temporary and it cannot be removed. Account lock will only affect free server you may still buy a service without problems.
    Your payment has failed to process through our systems. You can manually process it by clicking "here", as stated in the message.
    Check if you have "You have unfinished PayPal payment" message in server list page (Home). Payments can take up to 10 minutes to appear in the account. Please note that PayPal payments can sometimes be delayed for 24 hours due to PayPal review policy.
    You can always contact us regarding your payments by clicking here.
    You can reset your account password by clicking here. A valid email address is required. If account was shared and stolen we do not take any responsibility as account sharing is against our account policy. It is always recommended to use sub-user access and fully verify account via email address in order to protect it from the theft. Verifying your account prevents email address changes and removal of the account without further approval.
    You can delete your account here by clicking "Remove account".
    Services related questions
    We currently accept Paypal, Neteller, Credit/Debit card, paysafecard, mobile, rapipago, bank transfer, Bitcoin and many more. You can find all payment methods before finishing order.
    You don't need to wait. After payment is confirmed your server will automatically appear in your account.
    Server usually lasts minimum of one month. You can find server expiration date in server list (Home). Free servers last as long as you don't break our server rules or Terms Of Service.
    You can use File Manager or any FTP client (for example, FileZilla) to connect to the FTP server using your details from control panel. FileZilla is the recommended FTP client.
    This can happen due to firewall or your ISP blocking TLS connections. You can disable TLS connection and connect without it.
    In Filezilla click "File" > "Site manager" > "New site" > "Encyption (Only use plain FTP)".
    Example filezilla picture:
    Click "Renew" button at the server list (It will appear next to "Manage" under Home) and follow the form to change your plan. If you want to downgrade your plan you can only do that 3 days before expiration date.
    You just need to click on "Server Version" in the control panel and choose the server version you want.
    If version you need is missing you can contact us by clicking here.
    CPU priority doubles the amount of CPU usage your server can reach. You also get double amount of ram with Terraria server.
    Premium servers already come with a high CPU limit, however, this will double it in case it's necessary. This is recommended if your server runs at 100% usage all the time.
    SA:MP related questions
    You can run any gamemode you want. There are no limitations.
    On a free server resource limitations apply and unoptimized scripts might cause server to become laggy.
    No, you are not allowed to request more than one free server. Creating another account and trying to request a server will result in all your accounts getting suspended.
    You are missing one or more plugins. Load all needed plugins for your gamemode to run properly. Our systems run on Linux, therefore, Linux (.so) plugins are needed.
    Our systems run on Linux, therefore, Linux (.so) plugins are needed. You can install several basic plugins by clicking "Plugins" in the control panel.
    Maximum filterscripts a SA-MP server can run is 16. That is the SA-MP application limit set by the SA-MP developers and it is out of our control.
    Minecraft related questions
    World generated from previous version might not be compatible with the new server. Remove your world files and try again. Please note if you reinstall your server your server version will be switched back to default and you will need to change it again before starting your server.
    There are 2 ways of doing it. Follow one of the given steps:

    - Click "Server configuration",
    - Find "online_mode" and write "false",
    - Click "Save" and restart your server.

    - Click "File manager" and open file "",
    - Change "online-mode" to "false",
    - Click "Save" and restart your server.
    Follow given steps to give yourself operator status:

    - Click "Server Console",
    - Type "op username" and click "Execute command" (Make sure to replace username with your in-game username.),
    - You are now server operator.


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